Algo trading for everybody

World’s first no-code cloud algo trading platform for stocks and stockpicking*

Advanced no-code trading platform

Build algo strategies visually in your browser, no programming involved.

Accurate backtests on high quality data

Reliable backtest engine on high quality data from leading institutional data providers.

World’s first Stockpicker trading

“Stockpicker” is our name for strategy that trades a group of stocks, like S&P 500 or Russel 2000 index.

Automate trading on the cloud

Trade your algo strategies effortlessly on the AlgoCloud

Unique Stockpicker engine

We are introducing a world’s first platform to develop and trade a special class of strategies that trade on groups of stocks – like S&P 500 or Russel 2000 index.

Visual strategy editor without any programming

An intuitive and simple way of creating algo strategies.
Create conditions when to buy and when to sell, and your strategy will be backtested right away.

Institutional quality data with 30+ years history

High quality equity data for all US exchanges, including the delisted stocks – survivorship bias is automatically handled in AlgoCloud.

Very fast backtesting engine with real tick precision

Reliable backtest engine powered by AlgoCloud platform on high quality data from leading institutional data providers, including automatic handling of survivorship bias.

Supports 200+ common technical indicators and patterns

All standard technical indicators (like CCI, RSI, MACD and so on) are supported.

Stockpicker strategies can take advantage of 200+ indicators and candle patterns in TA-LIB library.

Supported broker connections

Brokers supported for live / paper trading: is an online algo-friendly broker for stocks.

Interactive Brokers is a well-known low fee brokers with a wide range of supported instruments.

XTB is an European broker for wide range of assets.

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