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+$45 000 Bitcoin Algo Strategy


Today, you’re going to take a look at one of the example strategies prepared for you in AlgoCloud, specifically for the Bitcoin symbol.

The big thing is that there is already an ETF for Bitcoin. This is a big shift in general because Bitcoin will thus have more liquidity and is used by funds regularly.

Before you get into this, please read the on-screen disclaimer – all videos are for educational purposes only and are not investment recommendations.

Now, let’s get into AlgoCloud:

  • You move to the Strategy Examples tab and search for the End of the month momentum strategy. Click on Show details and Clone Strategy.


  • The first thing you do is to run a Full backtest where the SPY.D data is set. You have to change the Data range settings because there is a history for BTC since 2015. And you want the comparison to be as good as possible. After the backtest runs, you open the results and look directly at the equity curve. (You don’t need to remember the result because I will show you a graphical comparison at the end of the video)


  • Now you get back to the editor, open the settings tab, and change the symbol to bitcoin, specifically GBTC.D. And you run the Full backtest again.


It’s obvious at a glance that the difference is big, but switch back to the presentation to see both results side by side. You can see that not only the equity chart is better. Looking at the numbers, it’s obvious that you simply must try this strategy on Bitcoin!


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Ellie Souckova