World’s first no-code
cloud algo-trading platform 
for stocks and stockpicking

Experience a trading revolution with AlgoCloud,  create,
deploy and trade your strategies with a few clicks.

Start your cloud algo-trading in three steps

Create strategies using no-code editor

Build algo strategies visually in your browser, no programming involved.

Backtest them using of 30+ years institutional quality data

Reliable backtest engine on high quality data from leading institutional data providers.

Connect your broker and trade your strategies live in cloud

Trade your algo strategies effortlessly on the AlgoCloud

World's first Stockpicker trading

We are introducing the world’s first platform to develop and trade a special class of strategies 
that trade on groups of stocks – like the S&P 500 or Russel 2000 index.

  • Pick just the best trading opportunities from the whole groups of the stocks.
  • One trading robot can simultaneously open e.g. 15 positions on different stocks.
  • Backtests all strategies on +30 years of data. Survivorship bias is taken into count.
  • You can create your strategies or test pre-made example strategies directly in the platform.

Pre-build example strategies at your disposal

We have created for you well-working example strategies that you can review and start testing immediately

Visual strategy editor without programming

Supports 200+ common technical indicators and patterns

Supported broker connections

Now its your turn trader

Our mission is to make trading accesible to everyone. Thanks to AlgoCloud you can deploy and trade strategies which used to be area of professional traders. Now all this can be done without painful coding literaly with several clicks.