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Way to improve your results: Mastering the Art of Trading Journals

If you’re under the impression that a trading journal is just for noting down the entries and exits of trades, you should definitely watch this video. Because it‘s not!

Your trading results are affected by a wide range of things in your life. Including your time management, health, energy level, and moods… And the list goes on.

Writing it all down in your trading journal can help you recognize patterns that may lead to success or failure. Such outcomes are incredibly helpful to keep you trading in a healthy and wealthy way.

In the video, I talk about the following:

• Why a Trading Journal is More Than Just Facts
• The Golden Rule of Consistency
• What to Include in Your Trading Journal
• Emotional Tracking
• Celebrating Successes, Learning from Failures
• Reviewing and Reflecting
• Choosing the Right Format

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Ellie Souckova