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What is stock?

What is a stock?

The internet is full of complicated definitions, so let’s keep it simple: A share is a security issued by a joint stock company.

But how do you imagine it in practice?

  • When you buy a share in a company, it’s as if you’re buying a part of the company itself. For the share you buy, you are entitled to a set proportion of assets and profits.
  • The money you pay for the share is used to keep the company moving forward – to make more and more money. Provided, of course, that the company is reliable. That’s why you need to choose well which stocks you want to invest in.

Interesting fact: the first joint stock company was the Dutch East India Company in 1602.

Well, we have 47482 shares/etfs available for you in AlgoCloud. Of course, the data quality is high and we have it available 30 years back. And that means backtests on 30 years of historical data. And that’s simply awesome!

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