Skip to content provides an easy to use API for trading, and connecting this broker to AC is simple.

Step 1 - Get Alpaca API keys

First of all, log in to your account at

Once logged, select your account from the left main menu. We'll use Alpaca papertrading account in this example, but the method is the same also for live trading account.

Choosing an account gets you to the account screen. There you see API keys mentioned on the right. Click on View.

If you didn't do it before you don't have API key yet, so click on Generate New Key.

Keys will be generated and you'll immediately see your keys:

You will need to enter both API Key ID and Secret key in AC cloud in order to connect to this Alpaca account.


Write down the secret key and store it in a safe place. Once you'll refresh the page the secret key will be lost and you will be not able to view it again.

Once you have your Alpaca keys you can create a connection in AlgoCloud.

Go to Connected accounts screen. This is where you manage all your connections to brokers.

Click on Link account button.

This will open wizard that will lead you through the process.
The first step is to choose your broker from the list of supported ones - for now only is supported:

The second step is naming your connected account and specifying the connection. You can give your new connected account any name - it will be used internally in AlgoCloud.

Put your Alpaca Api Key ID as Client ID and Alpaca Secret key as Client Secret.

After clicking Next the connection is created.

AlgoCloud will then try to log in to Aplaca API and retrieve basic information about your account like balance, equity, positions.

Resetting accounts, regenerating keys

This applies to papertrading or demo accounts - brokers usually allow you to reset your paper trading accounts, so you can start anew. The exact features and functionality of a reset depends on the broker.

Resetting AlgoCloud papertrading account



It is dependent on brokers, but if you'll reset your account on Alpaca or regenerate your keys