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Deploying your strategy


If you want to trade live, you need to connect your broker account first. If you have no connected account then only AlgoCloud paper trading will be available for you.

Trading on the cloud is available only for Stockpicker type of strategies.

To deploy your strategy, find it in My strategies list and click on the Deploy icon:

This will open a Deploy strategy dialog, where you choose the deployment options:

Settings in this dialog:


is a type of deployment - whether it will be live trading with connected broker or our paper trading simulation Read more


the name you give to your deployed strategy. You can use the same strategy for multiple deployments, but the deployment name must be unique


if the deployment type is live then you must select the connected account here

Traded instruments

configuration of traeded instruments. This depends on the strategy, Stockpicker strategy trades a group of stocks on a D1 (daily) timeframe.

Execution timing

when strategy is triggered.
Strategy running on D1 (daily) timeframe can be triggered two times during a day:

  • on entry - this is when entry conditions are evaluated and strategy places orders

  • on exit - this is when (optional) exit conditins are evaluated and open orders are closed

Triggers timing explained:

  • Before Bar Open evaluates strategy before Bar open (it is before Market open for daily strategies). Trades will be executed when market is opened.

  • On Bar Open evaluates strategy on bar open (when Market opens for daily strategies). We trigger this a few minutes AFTER the actual market open to allow for accurate prices. Strategy will have access to current market open price. Trades will be executed immediately.

  • On Bar Close evaluates strategy on bar close (when Market closes for daily strategies). We trigger this a few minutes BEFORE the actual market close to allow for correct executions. Trades will be executed immediately.

The choice of yout triggers will have impact on when and how the strategy trades, strategy can have different results when used with different timing. You can backtest the strategy with the exact timing and you should use the timing that you used in your backtest.

Money management

position sizing and money management of the strategy.

With stockpicker strategies you have to configure two things:

  • Maximum number of open positions - stockpicker trades a group of hundreds of stocks, so you have to select the maximum number of different stocks that will be open at one time

  • Actual money management - position size per whole strategy. You can choose from available options there.

For more information please refer to the Stockpicker strategy documentation.

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