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Live trading - Strategies

Strategies screen is for you to manage your deployed strategies.

The table lists all the strategies that are currently deployed on all your live accounts. They can be Active which means that they are started and they are trading, or Stopped in which case they are inactive and waiting for you to start them.

You can see the times when the strategy will be triggered next for entry and exit conditions. The time is in GMT time.

Next to it is Equity chart showing the equity on your account computed from closed trades.

The last two panels are for Strategies and Open positions. The show a quick list of the deployed strategies and current open positions. You can get richer list with all available functionality in separate tabs on the top.

In the last two cloumns you can see its open and closed positions and profit/loss.

The actions depend on the status of the strategy:

  • Start - starts a strategy - it will open a dialog where you'll specify the configuration

  • Stop - stops currently running strategy

  • Details - details of strategy, see below

  • Backtest - switches to a backtest result screen

  • Equity - switches to equity chart of this strategy

  • Event log - switches to a trading log of this strategy

  • Delete - possibility to delete this deployed strategy

Strategy details

You can have a look at stratey details - it displays its current running setting as well as execution statistics and list of trades this strategy did in the past: