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Live trading - Introduction

One of the main goals of AlgoCloud cloud is to provide a way for normal user to run his algo strategies online in an easy and simple way.

Before AlgoCloud you'd need your own VPS server with your trading platform running in order to run algo strategies.
Moreover, you have to constantly monitor if the VPS and trading platform is running, if it is connected to broker, you have to deal with VPS restarts, platform crashes, etc.

AlgoCloud solves all this.

You just deploy your strategy on the cloud, start it, and the platform will do the rest.

Your strategy will run on an institutional cloud with constant monitoring, it will be connected to the broker of your choice and triggered at the specified time.

Optionally you can receive daily updates with the trades taken and other events your strategies produced, including full trading logs.

Some broker connections don't support trading with real money yet

Live trading with real money is currently supported only on
XTB and Interactive Brokers are supported only for demo trading, the connections are not yet stable enough to be used with real money.